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SINCE 1898

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The story of

Historic Marysville General Store

Nestled in the quaint historic gold mining town of Marysville, Montana, our Historic Marysville General Store stands as a living testament to a bygone era. Originally established by Ann and Blibal Betor in 1898, the store evolved over time, surviving a city-wide fire at the turn of the century and transitioning from wood to stone. Today, the property serves as a historic wedding and event venue in Marysville.

Our lawn areas, carefully curated for your special day, offer a variety of beautiful ceremony locations. Whether beneath the fragrant embrace of lilacs, amid the graceful branches of a willow tree, against the rustic charm of a rock arch, beneath a charming wood arbor, or amidst the unique ‘ghost town’ buildings, each setting invites you to become part of the rich history that envelopes this beautiful mountain community.

Acquired by Sonya and Scott in 2004, our General Store has undergone meticulous restoration. The Cotton Club Saloon and Dance Hall from World War || has been revived. Completed in 2018, this transformation ensures that every event and wedding held within these stone walls is not just a celebration but a continuation of Marysville’s enduring legacy. Feel the echoes of history as you step into our venue. Let the charm of the mountain community weave its magic into your special moments at the Historic Marysville General Store!

Meet Sonya And Scott

Marysville became part of Sonya and her family’s lives in the late 60’s when they spent several summers in the area, and it eventually became the center for many family activities and memories. Scott was introduced to Marysville with Sonya’s family’s gold mining and was further seduced by the colorful mining history. Sonya and Scott were married at Frontier Town and had their rehearsal dinner at the Marysville House.

When the Stone Buildings became available, Sonya and Scott recognized that Marysville would fulfill their retirement dreams and that the buildings would provide the perfect business venues. So, with finding pleasure in mining history, wanting to preserve history, and just enjoying Marysville – the realization of restoring the buildings has been mostly achieved. Now is it time for 124 Main Street to relive it’s Dance Hall heyday! It has been a 12+ year process of working with wonderful contractors and the Marysville community to realize this project.

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Contact us today to book The Historic Marysville General Store for your upcoming event or to schedule a venue tour. We can’t wait to hear from you!